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Mamme 2.0, Speciali - Sep 18, 2012

Martin Creed’s MOTHERS

Martin Creed’s MOTHERS

L’opera di Martin Creed per il Museum of Contemporary Art di Chicago è grande, molto grande. Perché it feels like mothers are the most important people in the world e anche perché mothers always have to be bigger than you are.

Creed’s latest Chicago project was unveiled this past Friday on the MCA’s front plaza. Billed as Creed’s “most ambitious neon project to date,” Work No. 1357 (MOTHERS) is a huge (20 feet tall by 47 feet long) steel and neon sculpture emblazoned with the letters M-O-T-H-E-R-S.

Atypical of Creed’s earlier neon works, MOTHERS is kinetic—it rotates on a central axis like a 1950s roadside motel sign. The overall aesthetic is far from flashy, however. The white, san-serif letters and dark painted steel are as stripped-down as Chicago’s Miesian skyscrapers.

In an MCA press release, Creed explains a bit of the concept behind the scale of MOTHERS: “Mothers are always bigger than you are.… It feels like mothers are the most important people in the world.” It’s an obvious yet cryptic statement, open to interpretation. (Are we talking about nurturing mothers or motherfuckers?)

But that’s the enigma—and the fun—of Martin Creed’s art.

Timeout Chicago

Un’installazione imponente (qui la fotostoria della realizzazione) per una riflessione aperta ad ogni libera interpretazione.
Di certo, un’opera suggestiva e da segnalare. Fino al 31 dicembre 2012.

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