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Crescere, Speciali - Jan 12, 2010

Il bambino dai 3 ai 4 anni

Il bambino dai 3 ai 4 anni

Preparandomi a quel che mi aspetta, ho trovato questa utilissima scheda che traccia un quadro sintetico e generale dei dodici mesi che passano tra i 3 e i 4 anni e le conquiste evolutive del bambino. La fonte è il sito di PlanToys, l’azienza produttrice di giochi in legno, dove trovate anche le schede delle varie fasce d’età fino ai 6 anni. I’m sorry, è in inglese…

Three to four year olds are curious, energetic and sociable. The most dramatic feature at this age is the use of language. They are able to describe things in detail, express their feelings and convey concepts like time, size and numbers. Preschoolers have a lively sense of humor, and they enjoy making people laugh.

Fun and Games

Your youngster is constantly on the move. Her speed and mobility have improved, and this gives her new confidence. She likes outdoor activities such as running, biking, and jumping. Wooden puzzles with more than eight pieces are easily managed. Drawing, painting, and cutting papers into patterns can be introduced at this age.

Keen Vision

By the age of three, your child’s vision is as accurate as an adult’s. Proficient hand-eye coordination allows him the ability to judge distance, comprehend positions, and to match and categorize objects.

Playing with Peers

Preschool children have developed more control over their emotions and a willingness to please others. They like to play in groups and enjoy having friends. They are starting to share toys and wait for their turn. Pretending games such as playing “school” or “store” are very popular with children at this age.

Perception of Time

Your child now understands time order. She knows what “yesterday” is, and the meaning of “before” and “after.” You can give her a two stage direction such as, “Wash your hands before you eat lunch”. She is able to ask questions and form complete sentences.

Appropriate Toys for 3 to 4 Year Olds

Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development:

- Rocking horses and tricycles help improve motor skills, coordination and balance. An abacus, lacing beads, and other lacing toys aid in improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Intellectual Stimulation:

- Colorful wooden blocks help your child to learn about symmetry, balance, shapes and colors. PlanToys Block sets come in a variety of different sizes and themes and are compatible so that they can be expanded as the child grows. Balancing Monkeys introduces basic math skills by encouraging children to calculate the number of monkeys required on each side of the tree in order to make it balance.

Creativity and Imagination:

- Pretend play sets like the Doll House and Crane Set enhance your child’s imagination. Themed play sets give them the opportunity to control what the characters are doing and imagine what they are saying and thinking.

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